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Dental x-ray

Nearly everyone gets cavities and will eventually need a filling, no matter how well they brush and floss.  Genetics, diet, environment, and other risk factors all contribute to tooth decay– which over 95% of Americans will experience at some point in their life. We focus on reducing the damage done by tooth decay through early detection, and quick follow up with a safe, minimally invasive tooth colored composite filling. Minimally invasive techniques save more tooth structure than traditional fillings.


What if I need a filling?

We'll use the latest digital x-ray and laser diagnostic technologies, as well as years of experience to help you understand the health of your teeth. We'll talk with you about:

•  The tooth decay on any portion of your teeth

•  The state of your current old-fashioned, mercury (silver) fillings

•  Risk factors that predispose you to tooth decay

•  And your desire to maintain a natural, white, and healthy smile for a lifetime

You'll learn more about the advantages of composite fillings, as well as our process for removing decay, improving the health of your teeth and restoring your smile. Additionally, we may recommend alternative treatments like crowns, inlays, or onlays, which may be the only option in cases of serious and extensive decay.

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